Vacation Mode Reset

Vacation Mode Reset

Raise your hand if you are still recovering from vacation mode.

We just returned home from a beautiful trip to Deer Valley and I know I am. I made the commitment to disconnect from work and truly be “out of office” to spend time and reconnect with my family this past week. I am sure we can all agree that a vacation never seems to be long enough and when we return home, we instantly feel the need for a vacation from our vacation. Back to the office for me means replying to emails, calling clients, following up on the exciting projects in motion and getting back to my daughter’s Summer vacation schedule. Whatever the checking-back-into-reality-to-do list may be, it can be hard to carve out time for ourselves and hit the reset button. Before tackling the must-do’s It is important to practice some self-care. So, if you find yourself stressed out and stuck in vacay mode, here are some tips to get yourself going strong.

1. Get Organized. Wait, what!? I know this sounds like even more work but trust me on this one – if you dedicate just 20 minutes of your morning to organizing, you will be doing your mental self a huge favor. Clutter is so distracting and gets in the way of focusing on the important tasks at hand. Believe me, you will have the clarity needed to focus on your workout, or morning meditation without disturbance if you do it. So, open some mental space and clean up your workspace.

2. Practice Gratitude. We have so much to be grateful for. Take the time to focus on the good things and people in your life. Wasting time dwelling in a negative state of mind will wear you down and create unnecessary stress in your day to day. A great way to practice gratitude – make a list in your journal of the positive aspects of your life and take a moment to appreciate them. I do this during my morning meditation and prayer alongside my morning coffee.

3. Pamper Yourself. Make the time to do something meaningful for yourself before the workday hustle begins. Schedule that mani/pedi, massage or that hydro facial you’ve been dying to try. Sweat it out at your favorite gym, one of my personal favorites, a yoga class. It may even be listening to your favorite podcast or book. Whatever it is just make sure you make the time to do it. You will get back to your day feeling energized and recharged.

Let me know how you recover from vacay mode in the comments below.