The Make Up of a Powder Room

The Make Up of a Powder Room

The powder room is often looked at as an after thought of a functioning space. A much-used, yet rarely loved space. I look at the powder room as a space to let the fun side of your design personality shine. A space where bold details come together to create a wow-factor room. From bold tile design and moody colors to unique hardware and light fixtures. Ultimately, the powder room can become one of the most inspiring places in a home. You can get away with black on black, intricate tile work, sinks that almost air on the side of form over function and wallcoverings that would normally be considered “too busy.” I have put together some of my favorites from Luxe Magazine, so enjoy some edgy inspo!

Blue quartzite weathered-metal wallcovering from my favorite, Maya Romanoff, sets quite the mood! How about that bronze vessel sink – serious heart eyes over here!

Interiors & Architecture: Elissa Morgante and Fred Wilson, Morgante-Wilson Architects | Photography: Werner Straube


Never underestimate the statement of an all black space! With help of a sleek cabinetry and that handsome wallpaper from Elitis, this powder room screams sophistication.

Interiors: Turner Martin Design | Photography: Jeff Zaruba


Where modern meets the 19th century. Perfection! That antique gilded Louis Philippe mirror is the epitome of a focal point.

Interiors: Mark Cravotta | Photography: Ryann Ford | Architecture: Christopher Sanders | Home Builder: David Wilkes


The geometric tile design gives so much pop to this powder room – talk about an accent wall! The artwork by Patricia J. Finley couldn’t be a more perfect match. 

Interiors: Erin Iba | Photography: Emily Minton Redfield | Home Builder: Brian Gillette, LLC Construction and Remodeling


Hello, elegance! Marble inspired wallpaper by Harlequin is a seamless mix against the Calcutta marble vanity.

Interiors: Janice Barta | Photography: Laure Joliet | Architecture: Philip Vertoch | Home Builder: Garnik Badalyans, Taltech Construction, Inc


A look at one of our award winning powder room designs. This was a challenging yet inspiring space to create. We wanted the perfect mix of earth and luxe! Mixed metals of bronze and chrome along with natural stone and semi-precious stone (pyrite). Complete with a multi-crystal pendant and metallic grass cloth wallpaper. The custom floating cabinet and unexpected placing of sink and faucet (note: challenge) give the room a unique finish.