Inspiration of a Presentation

Inspiration of a Presentation

If you found yourself perusing my portfolio (thank you!) or scrolling through my Instagram (thank you again!) you may have noticed a lot of completed work, or before and afters. Well, I have had a few requests to see what happens before a project even begins – a sort of behind, behind the scenes. This is something I don’t do often, but I’d like to honor those kind requests and give you a little look into the inspirational side of my designs.

So, I’m going to do something a little different today and share the process of an inspirational presentation. It’s a little more than requesting a certain style and getting a few options, there is a personal touch of inspiration to add life to a presentation.

In a nutshell – I sit with my clients and talk about their hopes and dreams for their space, or their entire home. What do they envision? What do they want to feel when they walk into their home? After our intimate chat, I head back to the studio and begin the process of creating their dream home. I gather inspiration, and some eye candy, from places expected, and unexpected (nature is one of my favorite sources). That inspiration comes together on a color board to present to the client. This is where the magic happens before the after.

In this particular project, the client loved the idea of a Southwestern influence but didn’t want to lose their modern style. So, I chose a majority of modern furnishings with a rustic edge, touches of Southwestern prints, raw textures and global objects. The end result was a modern foundation with a splash of Southwestern personality.



Gorgeous headboard inspiration from the very talented Brynn Olson Design Group