In the Studio | All about those details

In the Studio | All about those details

Hello all! The recent post Inspiration of a Presentation received a lot of love from everyone and I am so grateful for all of the feedback. I had so much fun sharing, so… here is another dose of behind the scenes in the studio. The process of creating a client’s dream home starts with a curation of fabrics, finishes and accessories to create a tangible presentation. My client is able to see the color story, touch the finishes and feel the textures. It is so important to me that my client is able to experience the details before the design comes together.


A desert modern update for our Palo Verde Ranch client. Inspired by their back yard, the Coronado National Forest, the design was curated to reflect the colors, textures and all of those AZ desert feels. They loved it and we couldn’t be happier!


Another amazing property butting up to the Coronado National forest out in Reddington Ranch. This time our tones are more muted but still earthy and textural. Yes. I’ve added the token faux succulent because they are so colorful and really easy to care for!


Our Chicago-based clients wanted something a little bit more luxe. They were presented with cool tones, lush textures and an all over chic vibe. How about those pulls!?


No home is fully complete without a splash of tile. The texture of natural stone adds an authentic touch to its space. Geometric lines create movement against an otherwise flat surfaces. When designing a home, I can almost guarantee I’ll include a touch of custom tile to my design.

Stay tuned for more studio time!