How to utilize empty space

How to utilize empty space

Good morning all!

I am constantly receiving questions from clients seeking advice on “how-to” in their own home. From how-to incorporate certain colors to how-to repurpose an heirloom. I am always happy to share, so I’ve decided to create a spot on the blog where anyone can browse my how-to’s. Last week we spoke about “How to create an inspiring work space.” Today, we’re talking about empty space.

In my designs, I like to utilize as much space available that I can without overcrowding a room. Whether that be with a beautiful piece of furniture that serves a purpose, or with accent pieces to define a separate space. Don’t get me wrong, a room needs space to breathe, but take advantage of functional space when you can.

In one of our recent homes, I created a separate sitting area off the living room. What looks like a stylish vignette is a functional space where a couple can gather for a chat. I took advantage of the extra corner space and added a large indoor plant to give some dimension and texture. The pop of green is just what this space needed to add contrast, as burnt oranges created a warm desert palette with just enough black to keep it from blending together.

A grouping of a pair of accent chairs and potted plant occupy an empty corner.


That brings us to our first tip – Plants. Filling an awkward space or empty corner with an oversized potted plant is a go-to. Faux works too!

Art is a great way to make an empty space look used, without the need to add furniture. This is especially great if you are working with a smaller room. When we hear art, framed artwork is the first thing that comes to mind, but don’t let your imagination stop there. In this same living room, we used large brass bowls to create dimension and add texture on the fireplace wall.


Large bronze bowls act as wall decor on an empty fireplace wall.


A statement piece. Fill an empty space with an accent piece – a chair to stand alone, a console table or show off one of your favorite pieces by giving it the whole space.


An empty corner in a bedroom is occupied by an accent chair and nesting side tables.


Lastly, if you already have the statement piece, but it’s a large piece creating its own empty space, accessorize! I worked in twos on this buffet table to create a stylish, symmetrical look.


An oversized console table adorned with decor.


There are many different ways to maximize space in your home, I hope these ideas are enough to get you inspired. Stay tuned for more design tips in the posts to come!