How to create an inspiring work space

How to create an inspiring work space

I don’t know about you, but I spend many hours a week in my office. Whether it be hours of screen time at my desk, or hours of creative time at the design table. In fact, most of us can spend more waking hours at work than we do at home. Sigh!

With so much time spent in the office, I am a believer in creating a space that not only promotes productivity, but one that also brings joy to be in. There is a countless amount of research that proves the atmosphere of our work space affects our mood as well as productivity. With that, I’d like to share some tips on how you can achieve a beautiful environment in your very own work space that will encourage inspiration.

Yes, function is a priority, but don’t let that keep you from using beautiful pieces. The desk is generally the anchor of an office space, choose one that you don’t mind being gravitated towards. So, when shopping for the perfect desk, think “not your average office desk.”

Luxe Magazine | Interiors: Paul Vincent Wiseman, Brenda Mickel and Jessica Redondo, The Wiseman Group Interior Design | Photography: Trevor Tondro

Decor is non negotiable – it is a must! Don’t save the treasures for the living room. Nothing brings more inspiration than collected pieces with sentiment, or pieces with pops of color and texture. Pillows can add comfort, plants can bring color and life, picture frames can boost fun memories. 


Luxe Magazine | Interiors: Joanne Brutsch, Casey St. John Interiors | Photography: Emily Minton Redfield  | Builder: Jonas DiCaprio and Dan Martell, Design Platform LLC | Architecture: Caroline Wilding, Design Platform LLC


First impression. Whether you are welcoming clients or guests, or just yourself on an early Monday morning, you want to create a warm welcome. Flowers and greenery add a fresh touch. Natural lighting adds energy and is a great mood booster. So, if you have the luxury of natural lighting, take advantage! If you have the space, accent seating and a beautiful rug can create a cozy, welcoming space for visitors and provide a getaway for a mental reset during a busy workday.


Luxe Magazine | Interior: Eddy Doumas, Worth Interiors | Photography: Ric Stovall | Builder: Charlie Dolan Architecture: Brian Judge

When all is said and done, what really matters is what brings joy and inspiration to you.